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Heading 6
MMeezzo Sopran

"The audience was overwhelmed by the breadth of the program,the beauty of the singing, and the genuine,natural loveliness of herself.

Ms. Lee-Huls does not so much take hold of her music as inhabit it, becoming a part of it rather than shaping it to her own will.

The play  of emotions over her face during the long reprise at the end of Frauenliebe und Leben will live with us for a very long time."

"Solo Recital at St. Cathrines Concert series in Marietta GA"


'A big, beautiful warm voice, and a sympathetic presence. The Shaftman Hall crowd liked her and signaled their approval with a huge increase in the decibel level when she took her bow after the final curtain."   (Madama Butterfly)   " Roanoke Times"

Ms. Lee  navigated the vocal gymnastics of the Handel with confidence, and her excellent German diction in the Brahms made quite an impression on this listener.

" New York Concert Review"


"Lee-Huls Powerful alto counterpoint to in Act Three was superb."        “Duluth News News-Tribune”


"A definitive presence notable presence by Eunjoo Lee-Huls"   (Philharmonic Festival at Seoul Art Center in Korea)  

      "KBS  Broadcast  FM" 



Verdi Requiem - Eunjoo Lee-Huls
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